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The original 4 place Sierra Tube-In pen blank mold! Use with Urethane (Alumilite), Epoxy, or P.R. based resins! Premium USA made silicone

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**PREMIUM USA MADE SILICONE** **NEW AND IMPROVED** **COMPATIBLE WITH EPOXY, POLYESTER (PR) AND URETHANE (ALUMILITE) BASED RESINS!**Would you like to try your hand at casting your very own clear cast...
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Would you like to try your hand at casting your very own clear cast pen blanks? This is a great place to start. Through a process called "Tube-in" casting, you can attach small objects or items or materials to the brass tube. Things like snakeskin, decorative papers, decals, stamps, carbon fiber, fiberglass braiding or any other object or material you can think of! You can cast up to 4 blanks at a time and each mold comes with 8 silicone plugs that are used to plug the tube ends. FOR LESS MONEY, YOU CAN EFFECTIVELY DOUBLE YOUR PRODUCTION when compared to other pen molds on the market!! They are reusable for many castings and provide a great way to seal each end of the tube. The molds are great for using in a pressure vessel and you can do so without worrying about resin leaking into the tubes. The plugs can be used with several different tubes as long as they are close in size. Don't be fooled by more expensive copy-cat four place molds! This is the original, high quality 4 place Silicone Tube-In Mold!

Each mold is hand crafted and poured using premium silicone rubber that is compatible with both Epoxy based resins as well as Urethane based resins. We use a process called "de-gasing" with specialized vacuum equipment to ensure that each mold is air-bubble free and will have a long life. It also ensures that that the blanks you create will not deform like other lesser molds can do. These molds will produce four beautiful crystal clear blanks that are ready for squaring up and turning!

This specific mold can be used with any "Sierra Style" pen kit, aka, Sierra Vista, Sienna, Gatsby twist BP kit, Sedona, Apprentice Classica Twist Kit, Nautical Twist Kit, Gearshift Kit, Phoenix Rising Twist Kit, Vertex Magnetic Kit, PSI Southwest Twist Kit, Wall street II Twist BP, Elegant Beauty Twist BP Kit, Lancer Twist Kit, Virage Twist pen kit, PSI Art Deco Twist pen kit, PSI Majestic Squire Twist pen kit, PSI Naouveau Scepter Twist pen kit, Artisan Aero pen kit as well as many, many other pen kits including any of the various Bolt Action kits. (Just a reminder; Each mold cavity (4 each) has the words, "Hobble Creek Craftsman" lightly embossed on the bottom).

The mold is compatible with Alumilite, Poly Resin, Epoxy based resins as well as Liquid Diamonds. Proper care and maintenance of the mold will ensure a long life! We suggest using Alumilite strictly due to the fact that it is superior in every way to the other choices, both for your health and for longevity of your product. This is all predicated, of course, that you actually take care of the mold and clean it each time you use it!

As long as the tube length is no more than 2.38" (2 7/16") long and the largest inner diameter is no more than a standard Sierra tube, and no less than a standard Bolt Action tube, this mold will be compatible.

Mold dimensions:

Our silicone is 100% manufactured in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA!

Outside: 5 1/16” X 3 5/16” X 1 1/4”
Cavities: 2 7/16” X 3/4” X 13/16”

**This mold will also cast tubeless, solid blanks simply by removing the eye hook in each silicone plug and inverting them in the mold! **

***Each mold will come with 8 silicone plugs, enough to plug each hole***

***We try to keep this item in stock, but sometimes demand requires a one to two week lead***

If you have questions about specific pen kits or tubes, please feel free to ask through the convo function.

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