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About Hobble Creek Craftsman

By profession, I have done everything from being a commercial pilot to managing a large FedEx air sort operation to being a flight controller and driving eighteen wheelers. Oddly enough, I hold a BS degree in Architectural Woodwork and possess a unique outlook on woodworking and incorporating alternate materials with natural wood. My wife, Sharon, helps me with the day to day tasks of running the business. We operate out of our home shop and studio and love to create quality products.

Production Methods

Hold an irreplaceable, hand crafted pen in your hands, your fingers spindling the textures and consciously weighing it and determining that its made of quality materials and you will realize its creator truly cared about its value. Quality has a unique feel, an unmistakable heftiness that lets you know it is real and of value! So come on into our shop, kick the tires and find something special for yourself or a loved one. I design and manufacture all of the pen blanks I sell, and and turn some of them into unique writing instruments. My goal is to create handmade items, keeping the pen turner in mind, but also offer complete pen sets to those who are looking for truly unique, one of a kind writing instruments. Crafting these one of a kind heirlooms takes time but in the end, the result is an exceptional and exquisite, beautiful hand made pen(s) or pen blank(s). Thank you for taking the time to read a little about our shop.

" I enjoy woodworking and especially the lathe. I learned how to make pens from simple kits and from there, I branched out into casting. That has made all the difference in my latest endeavor! "

- Mark

Production Methods

Average Production Time for Custom Orders: 14 days

Custom Order Options: I can accommodate most requests for custom work. Through collaboration, the two of us can usually come up with something that will work within the very small format I work in.